Piranha Lox®

The ingenious design of Piranha Lox® is as simple as it is adaptable. Engineered to securely hold large or small items in place, Piranha Lox gives you peace of mind, ensuring your items stay mounted where you want and need them. Manufactured from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum with a clear anodized finish, Piranha Lox are corrosion-resistant and made to last. With a simple flip of the lever items can be easily removed from the mounted backing plate and reinstalled in seconds. Nothing is easier, more secure, or simpler to use. From earthquake safety, fishing rods, flag poles, RV tables and even flat screen TV’s. Wherever you need to securely mount an item, Piranha Lox is the answer. With an endless potential of uses and a wide variety of accessories, Piranha Lox delivers you the SECURE solution. All Piranha Lox products are proudly manufactured in the USA!

Use it anywhere your imagination takes you. Here are just some of the uses for Piranha Lox:

Surface Mount
Universal Insert Block
Vertical Post Mount
D Ring System
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