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The ingenious design
of Kennel-Gear® is safe, simple, and convenient.

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Kennel-Gear® — The Secure Feeding Solution

The Kennel-Gear line of high quality, health inspired products makes the caring and treating of animals simple, safe, clean and very convenient. Easily installed or removed with a flip of the paw proof lever. Kennel-Gear products are manufactured to bring health and safety to your animals, cleanliness and efficiency to your business. All Kennel-Gear products are designed for a lifetime. Manufactured from stainless steel and high grade aluminum with a clear anodized finish. Kennel-Gear products are corrosion resistant, dishwasher and autoclave safe.

Product Line
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The ingenious design of Kennel-Gear is as simple as it is adaptable. Wherever there is a need to securely mount an item, Kennel-Gear is the solution.

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